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B N Public School Faridabad
B N Public School
UDISE Code – 06191610703
School code - 40128
About BNPS

Welcome to BN Public School Faridabad

B N Public School is a private institution run by The Garhwal Sabha.  It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest educational board in the country.
The school considers education to be a life-long process which should have a strong foundation. The goal of the school is to inculcate in the students a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level. The school also aims at equipping the students with the intellectual and practical skills that are necessary to meet the challenges in the future.
A man is judged by his deeds. If noble, he is rewarded in return by God himself. “This was source of inspiration for the founders of Garhwal Sabha putting their dreams into reality by laying the foundation stone of BNPS. The institution has spread its wings in different locations like SGM Nagar, PC, JC, 2C, DC, and Badkhal Enclave with approximately 4346 students in its roll and is still growing by increasing its presence in other areas. The school is striving to fulfill many different needs and the ultimate challenge is that everything must be done well. BNPS is committed to address the needs with immense expertise and infrastructure in pollution free environment.
  Aim and Objective   Our Vision
BN Public School The aim of any good educational institution is to discover and to develop the qualities and talents in a human being. Besides striving to bring about a holistic development of the qualities in a person, the institution tries its best to inculcate in every student the spirit of social awareness.
The institution deems it its bounded duty to facilitate and develop the natural, physical and spiritual talents of its student.
BN Public School To prepare dynamic and caring citizens, who will meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional values?
To be a centre for excellence in education, and in keeping with the rich heritage of India will stress the simultaneous development of the spirit, mind and body. We will endeavor to create compassionate, responsible and innovative global citizens who are committed to the development of India.



Our core value Moto
The core ideology of this institution is to impart quality education to all its studentsThe emphasis is on formation of good human beings and citizens who can in turn contribute to the society and its welfare.
  • The motto has been taken from a famous Sanskrit shloka.
    Asato ma sadgamaya, Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
    Mrytyorma amritamgamaya
    Om shanti shanti shanti
    lead me (by giving knowledge) from unreal to the real, From darkness (of ignorance) to the light (of knowledge)
    From death (sense of limitation) to immortality (limitless libration)
    Peace unto all


Aims & Objectives
The school commenced its lofty mission of imparting education since 1983. The school provides quality education for all round development of the personality of children.
1. The school also aims at harmonious development of the child, that is, the development of all the hidden faculties and potentialities to their maximum possible  limit. We     aim at transforming the child into an efficient, responsible and disciplined citizen of India.
2. The school pledges itself not only to realize these aims but also to provide all physical comforts to the children.
3. To bring about an all round, balanced and harmonious development of the child’s personality, through quality education and co-curricular activities.
4. To impart value oriented education.
5. To promote and develop communal harmony, amity, national integration, sense of unity and sense of Indianness among the children.